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Conspiracies? .... Hidden Truth? ... Disclosure is Near

Dr Michael Salla -
Presenting at the 7th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference - 11/7/2009
Watch for the New Movie - UFO CRASH-1 - We Are Not Alone - by Lee McLaughlin & Renzo Sara


A newly released DVD featuring a detailed analysis of both official and leaked documents provides a compelling case that President Kennedy's efforts to declassify UFO files led directly to his assassination.

In Dr Michael Salla reveals that there were three critical periods marking President Kennedy's efforts to gain access to classified UFO files.
  1. February, 1961, Kennedy issues an Executive Order to place psychological warfare programs under the control of his national security team.
  2. Kennedy tries to use his authority as Commander-in-Chief to learn what he can about UFOs and extraterrestrial life, while being denied access to UFO files by MJ-12 and the counterintelligence (CI) branch of the CIA
  3. September 20, 1963, the most critical period, President Kennedy gives a speech at the UN General Assembly calling for joint space and lunar missions with the USSR.