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H igh- F requency A ctive A uroral R esearch P rogram

Did you know this antenna array in Alaska is our ‘secret weapon’ to control weather, and project images to be seen almost anywhere above the planet?

The military complex intends to use the Eastlund Patents (or modified versions thereof) to experiment with ionosphere-zapping energy to control weather, communications and create a Plasma-Magnetosphere to create a super-shield of impenetrable energy, effective against missile or any kind of attack from anywhere on Earth or by aliens from an extraterrestrial location.



  • Control all communications globally.
  • Create high-energy plasma fields that could effectively stop missiles.
  • Create artificial ionizing clouds above the Earth.    
  • Modify weather anywhere on Earth.
  • Power Beaming
  • Create artificial imaging above the Earth’s surface.  
  • Locate oil, gas, and metals using harmonic resonance scalar wave echo pattern
  • Create artificial ionosphere mirror.  
  • Create nuclear-sized explosions without radiation


Weather Control:
CBC Broadcast Part 1


Weather Control:
CBC Broadcast Part 2