Monique Lessan

Monique Lessan is a multi-lingual licensed private investigator with 21 years of experience. She has completed her studies in Criminal Justice and Masters in Forensic Science. Monique Lessan has conducted...

XNEWS + new partner, Monique Lessan

XNEWS is an investigative research team dedicated to uncovering secrets and exploring the mysteries that surround us in our world today. We pursue the persistent reports of paranormal events and unexplained anomalies that have no place in the dominant paradigm of current mainstream science and "conventional wisdom", despite their appearance in the earliest archeological records of ancient civilizations and throughout recorded history right up to the recent observations and experiences of civilians as well as military and government personel.
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XNEWS persists in asking those annoying questions such as: If it can't be explained away by established scientific theory or conventional religious belief why is it so important to dismiss the inconvenient information? Who benefits from sweeping it under the rug and demonizing or ridiculing those who bring these strange stories forward?

Though the truth is often obscured, distorted, or marginalized it is impossible to remove its every trace; XNEWS persistently sifts through these fragments of evidence, passionate testimonies, and leaked documents, seeking to deduce the whole story that lies behind the veil of secrecy. Sometimes this leads us into very dark areas and disturbing encounters, but at XNEWS, we are are tenacious in our quest to find the truth and the light at the end of the tunnels.

And there are some dark tunnels ahead...

Monique Lessan, a.k.a. 'RAVEN'
Monique Lessan is a licensed, 21-year veteran investigator with a passion for finding and reclaiming missing children.  As a young person she herself was abducted and held for future sale into the international sex markets. Fortunately, she escaped her captors and soon afterwards dedicated her life to helping other abducted or exploited children and women and to ending sex trafficking throughout the world. She often works undercover in very dangerous situations as ‘RAVEN’, but nothing dissuades her from her efforts to find and help victims of abductions.

Although she began her investigations thinking that all cases had definable human perpetrators, what she was soon to discover is that there are forces and collaborations at work that defy logic and belief.

XNEWS, the Movie
She has joined forces with the XNEWS paranormal research team to share her cases with the public and make her resources available to others. Together, we are developing a feature-length film based on and dramatizing some of her actual investigations. What follows is a synopsis of the narrative in development:

The Xnews team will follow ‘Raven’ as she undertakes the case of a lifetime.  Two young sisters are reported missing and Raven begins her work gathering what little is known and pursuing every possible lead. Her efforts reveal the most shocking and gut wrenching case of her 21 years of investigation.

Her first horrifying break-through indicates the girls have been sold into a satanic cult by their own parents. After exposing the supposed 'protectors' as actually the first in a line of perpetrators, she still strives to find and hopefully rescue the girls by following the trail through a very dark underground network.

This is just the beginning of the hideous, heart-pounding journey she will undertake. Undaunted, Raven infiltrates the dark side of the world of the occult to find those amoral adepts who consider themselves above the laws of mankind, and even finds what some might consider science fiction, but what her investigations reveal to be unsettling science fact.

XNEWS team will film and publish her progress on this harrowing and mind-bending adventure.

Stay tuned for updates.