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UFO Sightings

Eye witness accounts
  Larry King Live
UFO Sighting by High Ranking Military Personnel. Col. Halt UK Minister of Defense; Nick Pope

STS- 48 UFO Revisited by Donald Ratsch
  On September 15, 1991 I captured what appeared to be a UFO in space moving along the limb of the earth changing course to evade what appeard to be a Starwars technology weapon shooting at it. Analysis by Scientist Dr. Jack Kasher

UFO/USO crash on Baltic Seafloor! Ocean Explorer found anomaly in Baltic Sea
  Story Editor: Lee McLaughlin and XNEWS STAFF
Buzz Aldrin and others describe UFO sightings   Larry King Live:UFO Debate (Part 2 Of 4)


UFO Sighting on Video -
New Years Eve, Midnight 2012, Taiwan - Just one report of hundreds!