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Unidentified Flying Objects have been recorded in various forms since the creation of man

Everyone has heard of Roswell and Area 51. But that's just the tip of the UFO iceberg. Explore the many facets of humanity's fascination with extra-terrestrial visitors.

On December 9, 1965, hundreds of witnesses saw an object crash in the woods of the small Pennsylvania town of Kecksburg. The official government report said the object was simply a meteorite. But eyewitnesses to the event disagree.

Black Box UFO Secrets, The Pacific Bermuda Triangle, Deep Sea UFOs, Deep Sea UFOs Red Alert, UFOs of the 70s, Hangar 18 The UFO Warehouse, UFOs and the White House, Alien Encounters: BOX SET 400 Minutes.

The World's First Video UFO Magazine, from UFO TV and UFO Magazine, UK.


Disturbing facts about historical events that adversly affect our daily lives and are commonly overlooked by the news media and our learning institutions. This series of programs presents stunning facts about real conspiracies that affect our lives today.

In this completely engaging set of programs in a 4 DVD set, Michael Glickman applies his 18 year's involvement with the mystery of the crop circles to the bigger picture. The astonishing meaning of the phenomenon: preliminary contact.


Roswell is a 1994 television movie based on the alleged true story from the testimony of hundreds of witnesses about the U.S. military capture of a flying saucer and its alien crew following a crash near the town of Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947.


The Question of Other Worlds in Science, Theology, and Mythology 6 DVD Set.
Scholars, theologians and scientists came together at the University of Wisconsin for an all-day, mind-blowing discussion on the questions of "God, Man, and E.T." (2005)

Dan Aykroyd presents some of the most striking UFO footage taken to date, with David Sereda and Gordon Cooper.


In non-technical language using official NASA photos, stunning computer graphics, Richard C. Hoagland, makes a case for crucial connections between ancient structures on the landscape of our moon, the planet Mars, and the ruins of ancient civilizations on Earth.  .

A reptilian  race has controlled the world for thousands of years. David Icke talks with the Zulu Shaman Credo Mutwa, who reveals the story of the extraterrestrial reptilian takeover of Planet Earth and how a shape-shifting Reptilian race (the Chitauri to Africans) has controlled humanity for thousands of years.

Few people know there is a hidden history of UFOs over Washington, D.C.  Despite the ongoing U.S. government and main-stream media's cover-up, the truth is finally reaching the public thanks to the work of a professional DC photographer  Will Allen..

Now featuring the complete works of Martyn Stubbs and The Secret NASA Transmissions in this special four disk collectors set. The history of UFO sightings by NASA Astronauts and the facts around an independent study to monitor and video tape UFO activity from the Space Shuttle during flights in Earths orbit.

Unexplained Mystery Collection : Hitler's Escape, Devil's Triangle, San Francisco Slaughter, Lost City of Atlantis, Alien Cover-up, Rise of the Fourth Reich, Devil's Island, Jack the Ripper, Stonehenge, and Return of the Amityville Horror.
3 Disc Box Set


With forty years of experience as a UFO researcher and hands-on investigator, Bill Knell has many stories to tell and lots of information to share. He offers the best of what he has to offer in this two disc set which takes you from the beginning of his research , right up to the present. Discover how and why Bill became a UFO researcher. UFO sightings and enounters during World War II and Vietnam. Exclusive Majestic 12 document connections. UFO Sightings by Warren Beatty, Stuart Whitman and Walter Cronkite.

This amazing DVD Set features presentations by many talented and dedicated UFO Researchers including Jim Marrs, Ryan Wood, Nick Redfern, Don Ledger and Matthew Thuney to name a few. Learn the history of UFO crashes which include those that took place in 1897 in Texas, several that occurred during World War Two, the 1947 Roswell incident, the Lummi crash, the Shag Harbor incident and many others from around the world.

Meet four of Ufology's most controversial figures: Bill English, Bill Moore, Bill Cooper and John Lear and view a classic set of presentations by these researchers.

Featuring world renowned UFO Researchers and Investigators that reveal important information kept from the public. Influential politicians and presidential candidates comment on the UFO subject. This two-disc DVD set includes interviews with and presentations by Budd Hopkins, Linda Moulton Howe, Stanton Friedman, Bruce Maccabee, Elizabeth Claire Prophet, John Lear, Bob Lazar, George Knapp, Bill Knell, Senator Joe Biden, Governor Bill Richardson, Congressman Dennis Kucinich, entertainer and commentator Dennis Miller and others. It s eight hours of comprehensive information combining rare, new and amazing presentations about UFOs and Aliens.

Since his extraordinary awakening in the early 1990s, David Icke has been on a journey around the world and within himself, to find the BIG answers to the BIG questions: Who are we? Where are we? What are we doing here? Who really controls this world - how and why? In this seven-hour presentation David addresses all of these questions and connects the dots between them to reveal a picture of life on earth that is truly beyond the cutting edge.